FOREO BEAR review – microcurrent facial toning massager

FOREO Bear microcurrent toning massager

When FOREO stepped into the microcurrent toning devices beauty segment I quickly jumped on the opportunity to try it out and compare with others. So I got myself a BEAR to review. 

There is also a smaller version available, BEAR mini, with a lower price point and less intensities available, more for beginners and for treating targeted areas only.

What is microcurrent facial treatment?

The treatment uses low-grade microcurrent to tone the face, lift and firm muscles. Like a workout for your face. Using electricity to promote cell growth, and it is a form of a non-invasive face-lift.

1. Product description

BEAR is a microcurrent facial and neck toning device, which is very popular for maintaining a youthful look of your face and neck area.

Result expected is tighter and brighter skin.

Muscles naturally lose tone and firmness through aging, and these devices have shown to be very popular and effective to mimic skin’s natural processes to prolong the youthful appearance.

FOREO BEAR uses micro-current and the T-Sonic pulsations developed by FOREO, used also in all their other devices. The sonic pulsations help promote better microcirculation and also get the potent ingredients from serum deeper in your skin for better effect.

Microcurrent conductive serum

The device should be used with some kind of serum, gel or cream applied (water-based) and FOREO has it’s own developed for this purpose, and it’s called SERUM SERUM SERUM. It is specially formulated with conductive ingredients such as glycerin, allowing a microcurrent device like BEAR to work seamlessly without any feeling on the skin. I will make a separate review of it later and update with the link.

Price: $299 (prices can be different in other markets).

Always check for best price on their site and if they have any special offers

Intensities: 5 microcurrent intensities

Color: 1 – only comes in Fuchsia color 

Charging: Up to 90 uses with one charge. Uses Li-ion battery, charged through USB cable.

App & registration

When you first get the device you need to unlock it and register through the FOREO app. And after that initial setup you don’t need to use it as you can select intensity and start the routine directly from your BEAR. Later can just check from time to time if they made any improvements and additions to the app, like special routines for certain parts of the face and neck or something else.

What is an improvement from other app-connected devices from this brand is that now this Bear device connects automatically when you turn on the app and choose the device to use. Whereas previously you needed to press the device and it was lagging, was sometimes disconnecting. So this is a nice new improvement. Also if you ever lose your BEAR you can find it with the help of the app.

Special important notes

  • You always need to use some type of water-based gel, serum or moisturizer every time you use the device to aid with the conductivity. Do not use it without it.
  • People who have certain kind of conditions, or for example surgery done on their face or neck, or some skin issues, are advised to first get an approval from their doctor before using or not use. Please read the manual that lists all of those before buying.
  • Do not use this device on the chest / breast area, eye area (circular muscle within the orbital rim), mid-line (bone) of neck, or the genitals / groin area
  • Device must be fully dry before using

Is FOREO BEAR better than NuFace?

In my opinion FOREO BEAR is better alternative to NuFace and other microcurrent toning devices because of the following key differentiation from their competition (NuFace etc):

  1. only device that has anti-shock system so there is no electricity shock, which can be quite unpleasant, it measures skin’s resistance and adapts the intensity to eliminate the chance of shock
  2. wide range of intensities, as you might want to change based on specific area you want to target
  3. pulsations function in addition to microcurrent which helps increase circulation, eliminate toxins & ease facial tension, resulting in smoother, softer, glowier skin

See my detailed Foreo Bear vs NuFace Trinity comparison post.

Is a microcurrent toning device better than gua sha? 

It is more effective because it gives faster and better results with toning of the skin, and all above stated reasons suggest the best choice is the FOREO Bear. See also my results below after just one use.

2. Packaging

FOREO Bear_in a box

It contains: 

  1. BEAR device
  2. Plastic stand
  3. Travel pouch
  4. USB charger
  5. Short manual – always look up full manuals here
BEAR microcurrent facial box contents

3. Size

Fits perfectly in the palm of my hand. And is not too big to glide over the face, you can comfortably side over your forehead, cheeks, jaw.

It is why the BEAR is made for full face routine microcurrent toning, and BEAR mini is for targeted toning only. 

Similar to size of LUNA mini 3 I would say.

4. Usage and effect of FOREO BEAR


  1. Apply your serum, gel or cream (must not skip this)
  2. Turn on the device, and alternatively open the FOREO App on your smartphone
  3. Adjust the intensity
  4. Start the treatment: Glide the device in an upward motion on your cheekbones, around your mouth, on your forehead and jawline, neck.

You can use the FOREO app to go through the device routine, or you can do it through the device as well. No need for an app every time, but I like to be guided.