FOREO LUNA fofo review – 1 year experience

I am always on the hunt for a good and detailed review of everything that I am considering to purchase, and therefore I want to help the rest too so they can find useful information. I’ve focused on reviews of the Swedish brand FOREO’s products, as I love those and keep buying and testing everything new they come up with. So here’s a first glimpse into their low-cost version of the LUNA facial cleansing brush – my FOREO LUNA fofo review.

1. Product description

LUNA fofo by FOREO is a smart facial cleansing  brush and a skin analysis device.

In addition to silicone touch points that are used for cleansing your face in addition to T-Sonic pulsations that help cleanse your skin deeply, on the back side it has a skin analysis part.

This is their first device ever with a smart skin analysis sensor (24k gold plated dots) on the back for measuring skin hydration and overall skin health. It’s connected to an app so you can see your results, and it helps you then adjust the cleansing routine on the fofo. That meant for me more gentle when I should go to my cheeks, and stronger pulsations on the T-zone as I need more cleansing there.

These brushes are popular, and a much better choice than a nylon brush, because of these:


  • silicone antibacterial bristles (water and any dirt comes off easily and does not stick like with nylon brushes)
  • no need for replacement brushes ever
  • gentle on the skin because of silicone but cleanses deeply with sonic pulsations
  • skin analysis sensor – amazing price for a 2 in 1 smart gadget
  • waterproof (even though first versions had some leakage issues I never had that with mine. I carefully dry it with a towel and it doesn’t sit in a water puddle after use, which I assume is what those who had an issue did)
  • 2 year warranty

Price: $89 (may vary in different countries). Free shipping worldwide is offered on their site so I would highly buying there since that’s the only way to be safe you’re buying an original. Here’s a safe https link to the FOREO LUNA fofo on Amazon shop

Colors available:  Pearl Pink (the one I have), Black (Midnight), Yellow (Sunflower Yellow, Purple, Fuchsia, Aquamarine, Mint

Charging: It needs 2 replaceable AAA batteries. You get up to 400 uses from new batteries. Which is more than 1 year to use, and that’s stunning.

FOREO is well known for making the most of power so all of their devices have a high amount of uses from a single charge. You unscrew this little flap at the bottom (which is sealed and is waterproof) to replace the batteries.


Fun fact: Product name comes from the “pet name” FOREO’s Chinese customers have given to the brand. They could not say FOREO so easily so they called it simply “fofo”. And then as a nice gesture to their fans they named their next product like that.