FOREO LUNA mini 3 review – my experience after 6 months

The first LUNA I owned was a fofo (also check my review of the LUNA fofo here). And then I decided to make one step up to the LUNA mini 3 by FOREO Sweden. So here is my review to tell you if it’s worth the higher price tag.

Review FOREO LUNA mini 3 mint

1. Product description

LUNA mini 3 is a facial cleansing brush that is meant for all skin types. It works it’s magic through T-sonic pulsations, which helps remove dirt, oil, make up resides from deeper layers of your skin.

It has a front and back side, and the silicone bristles are of different sizes. The front are smaller and softer, therefore ideal for more sensitive areas, and the back are slightly bigger touch points so it’s ideal for cleansing the T-zone that needs even deeper cleansing.

The tip also has bristles so it’s convenient to use for hard to reach areas like around the nose.

To be honest I only use the front, because I have sensitive skin. I forget it has a back side