FOREO UFO review – 1 year experience

Finally writing up my experience and my FOREO UFO review of 1st generation after testing it for a full year.  Also explaining the whole technology behind so you know what you’re getting with it. The Swedish brand just launched a UFO 2 in early 2020, and my full review on that one is coming soon as well.

foreo ufo

1. Product description

UFO is a smart masking device, that connects Korean sheet masking expertise with Swedish technology.

The device replaces multiple treatments you get in salons for home usage. It has:

  • Thermo-therapy
  • Cryo-therapy (only UFO device has it, UFO mini doesn’t)
  • 3 types of full spectrum LED lights – red, blue, green
  • T-sonic pulsations (enables ingredients to sink deeper into the pores)
  • Sheet masks with potent ingredients developed by Korean skincare experts

Imagine how much you save with an at-home device. Just one facial in the United States costs $200. And try to add all other treatments on top. Then it pays off already with the first usage. Wicked.


The device is made of high-grade hygienic silicone, like other FOREO devices, and it has a metal plate that transmits the cooling/heating and T-sonic pulsations.

It’s also 100% waterproof and cleaning is super easy.

It has 2-year warranty.

I want to be detailed in my FOREO UFO review therefore I will explain all to you.

LED lights explanation and benefits

Red LED light – Diminishes signs of aging for younger-looking skin. Often used treatment by celebrities, hugely popular in LA salons and spas.

Blue LED light – Reduces the appearance of imperfections. Most commonly used for acne treatment, dark spots.

Green LED light – Brightens a dull complexion and evens skin tone.

foreo ufo red led light

Heating and cooling technology explained


  • warms to soften and open pores, infusing mask ingredients deeper
  • helps boost skin’s radiance by loosening sebum on top of the skin


  • cools skin to give it a lifted and firmer appearance
  • shrinks appearance of pores
  • anti-inflammatory and reduces puffiness

T-sonic pulsations explained

  • relaxes muscles tension
  • improves micro-circulation
  • facilitates absorption of active ingredients
  • reduces appearance of soft lines and wrinkles
  • reduces puffiness

App benefits

It is connected to the FOREO App, and there it guides you through your treatment. Once you scan the sachet code it provides you with a special treatment sequence made especially for that mask, a combination of thermo or cryo-therapy and LED lights and pulsation intensities. Also you can always personalize it through the app if you wish to change something.

After you have saved all your types of masks on the device you can then continue using the device without the app, just need to press multiple times till you get to the LED ring light for that particular mask you want to use.

foreo ufo app routine

Compatiblity with masks: all types of FOREO UFO masks. Only UFO mini version is not compatible with certain types of masks (doesn’t support Matte Maniac and Shimmer Freak). Types of masks collections currently available:

  • Day and Night
  • Advanced Collection – various treatments based on specific skin needs: H2Overdose, Matte Maniac, Glow Addict, Youth Junkie
  • Farm to Face Collection – focused on organic ingredients: Manuka Honey, Coconut Oil, Acai Berry, Green Tea, Bulgarian Rose
  • Intensive Caviar Fusion

foreo ufo smart mask device

Colors:  Mint, Pearl Pink (the one I have), Fuchsia

Charging: One charge lasts 40 uses. Which is not as much compared to other FOREO devices, but considering the different technology and that it has to produce significant power to heat and cool and pulsate it’s reasonable. And it’s definitely still enough for me for 3-4 months not needing to recharge it.

Price: $199 (varies in different countries and retailers). Masks prices start from $9,99 for a pack of 7 masks.

Always check the UFO best price on Amazon.

2. Packaging

It comes in a sturdy see-through plastic box.


The UFO box contains

  • UFO device (silicone device + plastic attachment ring)
  • Plastic stand for your device to let it dry in the air and stand out in your bathroom