Is FOREO LUNA better than Clarisonic?

Comparison FOREO LUNA fofo FOREO LUNA mini 3 front side

Is FOREO LUNA better than Clarisonic? And why is this silicone facial cleansing device by Swedish brand FOREO better than Clarisonic?

  1. No need to replace brush heads ever – saving a lot of money in the long run. With Clarisonic the initial price point is high and on top of that you have to change brush heads every couple of months. With the FOREO silicone brush is part of the device, it lasts as much as the device and don’t need to be replaced because it is more hygienic and maintenance is easy.
  2. Hygienic – the dirt and water just slips off the soft silicone from LUNA. Whereas with nylon bristles by Clarisonic and other spinning nylon brushes the dirt sticks in the bristles, does not dry fast enough and becomes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria
  3. 100% waterproof – it has been known that you can’t use the Clarisonic devices under water (some) and LUNA definitely wins here as it is 100% waterproof, no risk of electric shock. Great also for people who like to wash their face while having a shower too.
  4. Non-abrasive – made from medical grade silicone, super soft silicone touch points are gentle to your face. They just help conduct the sonic pulsations deep in the pores to clean the skin from within and not just the outer layer. And with Clarisonic devices (most in the range) the cleansing is done only by rotation on the top layer of the skin, being too harsh for any type of skin and especially not adequate for sensitive skin.
  5. More effective face cleaning – LUNA has sonic pulsations which work deep in the pores, getting the dirt, sweat, oil out leaving it clean and soft, ready to heal and tighten pores.
  6. Battery lasts incredibly long – all LUNA devices that have a rechargeable battery with a single charge have a huge amount of uses. LUNA 3 for instance lasts 650 uses! And 400 for LUNA mini 3.
    Imagine, that is 2 years of not needing to charge your LUNA 3 if you use it once a day, or a year if used twice.
    Even with the replaceable battery range (LUNA fofo, LUNA play plus) they last incredibly long, and if used once a day can it can easily last more than a year till you need to replace batteries. This is a huge win for the environment and your wallet.
  7. Design is beautiful and timeless – something you want to keep outside on your bathroom shelf for everyone to see, and not hide in the cupboard. It is so sleek, so modern, so attractive that everyone asks about the LUNA and my experience with it when they visit my home.

These are all the things that I’ve found in my research, and from own personal experience with FOREO devices, and it was the main reason why I decided to buy a LUNA device in the first place. Therefore the answer to “Is FOREO LUNA better than Clarisonic” –  is yes.

In the battle of FOREO versus Clarisonic the FOREO brand and LUNA brushes are a clear ***** winner.

Since Clarisonic is going out of business, of course for evident reasons above, FOREO has a special offer for anyone jumping the fence. If you decided to make the switch to a LUNA before you run out of replacement brushes or the Clarisonic fails on you, you might be interested in the special deal, a $39 credit coupon for the FOREO LUNA purchase.

* I might get a small affiliate commission if you buy through some of my links . This is to support for me to continue providing these thorough reviews to you in the future from any new products they release, so you get the info before you make your buying decision.

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