Which FOREO product should I get – comparison LUNA range, UFO range, skincare, oral care

A lot of you are asking yourself “which FOREO product should I get?”. There are many devices versions in the range, and not all can suit all types, so I wanted to match it to your skin needs.

Below you’ll find a list of things that you might “find yourself in” and the product I suggest would work best for you based on my experience with many of them so far.

At the bottom of this post you’ll also find links to existing detailed reviews of those products on my page so you can make a final decision.

Skin needs list – Which FOREO product should I get:

If you just want the best cleansing brush there isLUNA mini 3

You want to fight signs of aging (anti-aging, firming) and cleanse deeplyLUNA 3 / LUNA 2 / LUNA / FOREO Bear / FOREO Bear mini

Your budget is lowLUNA fofo / LUNA play plus

Not sure whether your skin will even love a LUNA – LUNA play plus*

Want a cool gadget that helps with cleansing skin and skin analysis, and not spend a lot of money – LUNA fofo

Sensitive skin – LUNA 3 for sensitive skin / LUNA 2 for sensitive skin

Combination skin – LUNA 3 for combination skin / LUNA mini 3

Oily skin – LUNA 2 for Oily skin / LUNA go for Oily skin

Have acneFOREO ESPADA (LUNA range does not help with acne)

Need a small and portable but still powerful facial cleansing brushLUNA go

Gums and teeth are sensitiveFOREO ISSA 2 / ISSA

Smaller mouth and/or sensitive gums and teeth  – FOREO ISSA mini 2 / ISSA mini

Wish to save on beauty salon treatment with LED lights, hyaluronic acid treatments etcUFO 2 / UFO / UFO mini 2 / UFO mini

Love sheet masks but want to make them more effective – any product in the UFO range

Need a solution for dark circles and tired eyesFOREO IRIS

Looking for an alternative to NuFace microcurrent facial toning deviceFOREO BEAR / FOREO BEAR mini

To prevent wrinkles, want face contouring, get face Vshape – BEAR / BEAR mini (targeted areas) 

You are a man and want a solution for beard ingrown hairLUNA 2 for men / LUNA for men / LUNA go for men


Detailed reviews of FOREO devices

Links to detailed reviews on my blog:

FOREO LUNA mini 3 review

FOREO LUNA fofo review

FOREO UFO review


and adding more


I hope I managed to answer “which FOREO product should I get” based on your skin needs and age. You can get free shipping on FOREO products if you shop through Amazon.


*Why I don’t recommend a LUNA play – because it’s a waste of money. I mean yes it was made for people who don’t want to splash out a lot of money to just try it out. But still, I would advise to get LUNA play plus because it’s just $10 difference, and you can give it as a gift to someone else if you don’t like it. With LUNA play you only get 100 uses and it’s over. Not worth it when for $10 more you get a device you easily could end up loving and continue using for a long time.

* As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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