FOREO LUNA mini 3 review – my experience after 6 months

The first LUNA I owned was a fofo (also check my review of the LUNA fofo here). And then I decided to make one step up to the LUNA mini 3 by FOREO Sweden. So here is my review to tell you if it’s worth the higher price tag.

Review FOREO LUNA mini 3 mint

1. Product description

LUNA mini 3 is a facial cleansing brush that is meant for all skin types. It works it’s magic through T-sonic pulsations, which helps remove dirt, oil, make up resides from deeper layers of your skin.

It has a front and back side, and the silicone bristles are of different sizes. The front are smaller and softer, therefore ideal for more sensitive areas, and the back are slightly bigger touch points so it’s ideal for cleansing the T-zone that needs even deeper cleansing.

The tip also has bristles so it’s convenient to use for hard to reach areas like around the nose.

To be honest I only use the front, because I have sensitive skin. I forget it has a back side 😀

Note: this device does not have “anti aging” or “firming massage” function. The flagship LUNA range (LUNA, LUNA 2, LUNA 3) only does have this, and it’s pricier.

FOREO LUNA mini 3 Mint front side
LUNA mini 3, front side
FOREO LUNA mini 3 mint back side
LUNA mini 3 back side

It is made of silicone material, non-porous and anti-bacterial. Dirt just slides off when washed with water. So it’s way better than nylon brushes and this is why their devices are so much loved around the world. Also it’s 100% waterproof design.

Price: $159 (may be different in different markets and retailers). Best to always buy from their official shops like on Amazon

Colors available: Pearl Pink, Fuchsia, Mint (the one I have), Sunflower Yellow (yellow), Midnight (black)

Charging: It is charged through a USB charger, rechargeable battery, and one charge lasts 400 uses. Which means, if you use it once a day, it will last you more than 1 year and then charge again. So no need to worry for a long time about it.


  • silicone antibacterial bristles
  • no need for replacement brushes
  • gentle silicone bristles, but deep cleanse
  • fully waterproof
  • 2 year warranty
  • rechargeable battery that last a long time

Difference between LUNA mini 2 and LUNA mini 3

LUNA mini 3 is special and different from LUNA mini 2 because it’s app-connected, it has a special “Glow Boost” mode, and the “Find my LUNA” option through the app.

Glow Boost mode

This treatment option gives you “facial glow” in just 30 seconds.

It is set to the max pulsation level, and it shortens the time of cleansing for the glowing skin result.


The device comes locked, and you unlock it by downloading the app and registering your product. This is also great because then you’re sure you don’t have a fake product, and to make sure it is yours only and you can use the warranty anytime if needed.

Also the app gives you personalization option, so it’s worth installing. As the device is connected to the app via Bluetooth you are able to adjust the pulsation levels as you desire. It has 12 massage/cleansing intensities.

Note: Once you set your desired pulsation levels you don’t need the app every time you use it. Only if you want to change the treatment levels again.

You just press the button on the device once for your regular routine. And twice for Glow boost mode.

FOREO app, pulsation adjustment for LUNA mini 3

Find my LUNA 

If you ever lose your LUNA through the app you can engage a search through the FOREO app. The device starts pulsating very strongly and you can definitely hear it. It’s also cool for pranking people 😀

2. Packaging

The device comes in a sturdy plastic box and contains

  • LUNA mini 3 device
  • USB charging cable
  • Short instructions – find all FOREO devices manuals here on their site HERE
  • FOREO Serum Serum Serum sample (not in all countries)
  • Storage pouch – see image (depends on the country, not available in all)

FOREO LUNA mini 3 box, packagingFOREO LUNA mini 3 contents of the box

3. Size

It’s right in the middle between LUNA 2/LUNA 3 and LUNA fofo.

I think this is the perfect size, especially for someone who doesn’t need anti-aging and firming massage option.

4. Usage and effect

Since the device is gentle they say you can easily use it twice a day. I clean my face just in the morning, and after workouts to remove sunscreen from my pores.  Which is enough for my fairly sensitive skin.

To summarize the effect from usage:

  • clean skin
  • soft skin
  • removal and prevention of blackheads
  • pore shrinking
  • glowing skin

The device cleanses deeply through pulsations. It leaves your skin soft and clean. It also does a light scrub with the silicone touch points. Uncomparable with the nylon brushes and the redness I felt after using them. Never again a nylon brush.

Like with all other LUNAs, the device leaves your skin soft and hydrated. It really feels like baby skin after using it. And I love the feeling of softness and cleanliness it gives me.

It helps with blackheads and pore shrinking if you use it often, cause then there’s no time for them to accumulate and pores aren’t widened.

Its pulsations are much stronger than the fofo. Which I definitely prefer. And then again, if you want to have a lower or higher pulsation treatment you can adjust it through the app.

5. Opinion

I would give it 5 stars out of 5 *****

To me the daily cleansing ritual really is like a personal at-home spa experience. What I really love compared to the fofo is the cleansing is stronger, the pulsations are stronger and the effect of cleaning is better. And I feel like my whole face got a really nice massage, things started flowing in there. It wakes me up in the morning so well.

I would say this is best buy LUNA product by FOREO. Because it’s right in the middle, the best price/benefit ratio you can get. So to answer my question from the beginning of the post: yes it’s worth it.


  • Really does what is advertised, cleanses your skin deeply
  • Easy to clean, no need to replace brush heads
  • Amazingly long battery life – one charge lasts a whole year and more with my once a day use
  • Skin actually “glows”, looks more healthy, because it revitalizes the area, improves microcirculation


  • There was no pouch in the packaging. And I really wanted to have one so I can carry it on my travels without needing to get a plastic bag each time. Bit stupid you don’t know if you’ll get this extra or not.
  • Would be good to have a version by skin type just like LUNA 3, cause I honestly don’t use the back side for combination skin…

I’ve seen Megan Rapinoe is their ambassador in the United States for the LUNA mini 3, which is very cool and I love how they are a progressive brand, and have strong faces lined up. So it makes me like the brand and follow even more.

You can shop the LUNA mini 3 safely here.

p.s. Check out my other post where I suggest which FOREO product should you get, including the LUNA range, based on different skin needs, budget etc. and other products.

Since Clarisonic is going out of business, of course for evident reasons above, FOREO has a special offer for anyone jumping the fence. If you decided to make the switch to a LUNA before you run out of replacement brushes or the Clarisonic fails on you, you might be interested in the special deal, a $39 credit coupon for the FOREO LUNA purchase.

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